DIY Wedding Plan on a Tight Budget. Tips From Other Brides

A good wedding plan is the key to a successful and memorable wedding. If you are the DIY kind of bride, or working on a tight budget, here are some important points to consider when planning your wedding.

The budget:

The budget is the most important part of any event. Set a fixed amount of money you want to cover your wedding expenses and stick to it. It is equally important to always work within your budget. Without a concise budget, planning would be challenging because everything comes from it.

The Venue.

This venue for the celebration is very important. Take into consideration the location, and the amneities they have that will help you save on the budget. For example, a hall with an inbuilt sound system, chairs and tables will charge you for everything and you wouln’t have to pay extra for them. A good venue for a tight budget should look and feel elegant even without decor such that wehn the decor is done, it will have an even greater appeal. For example, a church hall, a hotel banquette hall,  a garden, etc because these places already have an air of beauty and will cost less to decorate. Thus reducing the budget for decor.

The Wedding Colours:

Usually brides go with their favoritte colours but it is good to consider the season in which your wedding will hold. This can add a little life to your decor. However, if you are working on a tight budget, don’t choose too many colors because the colours you pick, the more expensive the decor would be.

The Bridal train:

This is one part of the wedding that can mess up the wedding budget if care is not taken. Pick out the members of your bridal train and delgate a friend to supervise them. Such a person will follow up on thier dresses bearing in mind the wedding colours as well as plan thier activities . In order to cut down on the cost of dressing  your train, you can pick bridesmaids who can afford thier clothes and make them pay for thier outfit as a way of supporting you on your big day.

The meal and drinks.

The food and the drinks is what will either please your guest or keep them grumbling. Thus chose a meal plan in high consideration of your guests. Think of the kind of foods you want to serve and decide whether you want to hire a caterer or entrust the cooking in the hands of trusted family members and friends.If you are working on a tight budget, make your family members and friends do the cooking for you and you can rent serving dishes, plates and cutleries froma caterer.

The Cake:

A wedding without a cake is a meeting thus the cake is among the must have in a wedding. Some brides do their cakes themselves. But if you are unable to make yours, you can go for something simple and classy.


This will keep your guests engaged and make the celebration merrier. For a fun filled wedding, make everyone involved in the activities by playing trending music depending on your age group of your guests. Make use of games as well to be done during the musical interlude. This is where you want your bridal train to prepare a playback to entertain your guests, either during the grand entree or after the cutting of the cake. You and your groom as well as the father daughter dance should form part of your entertainment plan.

Wedding favours:

You want your guests to take something memorable home as a way of thanking them for te time they spent with you. You can choose to make some cookies and parcel them neatly as favours or you can buy affordable but unique gifts like flip flops in your wedding colours. among others.

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