Weight Loss Tricks that Work.

Weightloss is fast becoming a scare factor as many people mystify it. Some people go to the extremes to lose weight and this could be detrimental to health. Weightloss is a gradual process and should be treated as such. Losing weight is a personal decision and should not be done under any form of pressure. Do it for yourself because that is the only way to keep up with it and stay in shape.

Simple Tricks that work.

Don’t skip meals. Follow your normal meal routines but ensure that the amount of food you eat is equivalent to the amount of work you do. In other words, let the food you eat correspond  to your activities. For example, if you spend longer hours in the office, or in a sitting possition, reduce your quantity of food to half the normal size so that before your next meal, you should have burned out the calories you took in the previous meal.

Avoid the one size fits all diet plan. There are so many diet plans out there but be careful you stick to those that suit your body type. This is because different body types digest/breakdown foods differently. Some breakdown more proteins than vegetables etc. Thus pick a diet plan according to your body type. Vegtables are always good but some body types don’t break it down easily and thus could have little or no effect on your weight loss goal especially when eaten for dinner.

Eat pop corn during snack time. It is commonly unacceptable to eat between meals  when trying to loss weight but if you must snack, snack healthy and pop corn is one of those things you want to make a friend when you are trying to lose weight. This is not the butter and caramel or assorted pop corn. It is the natural kennel corn which you buy and pop by yourself with a pinch of salt, in little fvegetable oil. Aside from its rich mineral content like in all other corn, Pop corn is very high in fiber and can faciltate digestion.

Drink a green juice in the morning before any meal. This relaxes and cleans up your systems, and prepares way for new and fresh intake of food. It boost your energy levels and also reduce your cravings for the day.

Take your supper at least 5 hours before your bed time. This is because when the last meal of the day is eaten early, it gives you room to burn out most of the calories  before you slumber. This reduces the amount of food converted to fats and stored in the body.

Avoid the scale until after a period of time. Climbing the scale every now and then will push you to worries and to taking extreme measures that will jeopardize your health. Set a period of two week intervals to see the difference in your weight. By this your mind is at rest an in positive aticipation and that mindset is good to achieve your goal.

Take it gradually and follow your routines, upgrading at every stage. Avoid trying to lose weight gained over a couple of months in just a couple of weeks for such will cause damages to your health. Weight loss is gradual , so be patient as you walk through it.

An example of great meal plan.

Vegtables and fruits for breakfast

Cab, proteins, vegatbles and fruits for Lunch

Soups and proteins for Super


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