What if today was your last?


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So…Jane wakes up on Monday morning and her best friend Rita is no more. Rita was healthy and they had spent the weekend together and had made plans for the coming week together. In tears, fear, and confusion,  she wondered to herself… “what is life all about?” It was like a reality check for Jane because she and Rita were full of life and ambition and she wondered if they had ever made plans for God among the many things they had on their “to do” list….

If you have ever lost a loved one I’m sure this may be quite familiar. Now like Jane I ask this question… What if today was your last, what would you do differently? Would you love the people you now despise? Would you forgive the ones who hurt you? Will you treat your spouse any better? How about your children, would you love them any more or would you still defend your absences and make excuses? Would you take a close look at the pictures on your wall and thank God for every moment spent? Would look in the mirror and be glad at what you see? I mean, what if it were truly your last? Just what if…

If you have never heard of the death of a loved one, you may be among those living in the illusion of tomorrow. But the truth in this journey of life is that the only thing you can be certain about is now, because tomorrow is part of the things we can only hope for. And while we are at it, we must make the most of today. Though sadly,  many times we find ourselves procrastinating our best for tomorrow.

Sometimes we loose a lot in life because we spend the moment, which is our most valuable complaining. Days pass us by in that state of ingratitude and before we know it, it has turned into a lifestyle yet we wonder why things won’t go well for us. We close our eyes on to things we should have at least been grateful for because these are the very things we take for granted.

If today you are given the chance,  spend it celebrating your blessings and not worrying about your troubles. If those blessings include the spouse you have, the children you have, the job you have, remember to give God thanks. Give thanks even  for that annoying colleague/boss, difficult spouse or relation because in their provocations towards you, you will find lots and lots of lessons to help you through your walk in life.

More so, if today gives you the chance, forgive that person who has hurt you the most-Don’t procrastinate on this because you may not make it tomorrow and even if you do, you are not certain that he/she will make it with you.

Above all, if today gives you the chance, try to be the best you can be amidst all odds.   

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