Peace of Mind: Do you know who you are?

Peace of mind is a complex concept but it is attainable. Every day we wrestle with one thing or the other. It can be thoughts of hurt caused by others or self; or fears of the unknown. We are constantly at war within us and this has resulted to many sicknesses in this life. To some it’s depression and others it’s high blood pressure. There have even been cases where unrest has led to suicide. Everyone goes through something at one point or the other and whatever it is, if you take a closer look, you will realize that a majority of the problems we wrestle with stem from the fact that we do not know who we are. For example, a woman may feel unattractive and is hurt by the reaction of others towards her but if she knew who she was, she wouldn’t need anyone’s approval to feel good about herself.

Peace of mind is one big thing we need as humans and it can only be gotten when you tame your mind and put your soul at rest. To tame your mind is to keep control over the kind of thoughts you entertain or allow to stay on your mind. We do not have control over the thoughts that pop up because the human mind is a battle field.  However, we can control which thoughts to accept or ponder upon.

A better way of seeing this, is by considering the Spirit of God trying to make you see things with the eyes of your heart, as beautifully as it truly is while the enemy (forces of darkness) tries to make you see them with your physical eyes and very often the physical eyes sees the reality and we stop living in a world of possibilities to one of plenty of limitations. In other words we lose the battle. The thought that wins the battle remains in the mind and forms our believes and our believes greatly affects our peace.

Peace of mind is gotten by winning the mind battle and choosing a life of content. A life of content doesn’t mean settling for less. It means knowing who you are and be happy with who you are, and not trying to fit into other people’s shoes. It is about chasing your dreams and living in alignment with your life purpose.  This will make someone wonder …”but what if I am not happy with myself?” Well if you are not happy with yourself, it means you do not know who you are. Knowing who you are will put you at ease with yourself and you will find peace.

It is pointless chasing dreams without knowing who you are. No success can be achieved without knowing oneself. This is because it is in knowing who you are that you will find all that you need to pursue your dreams. Know that every goal/dream you have, was put in you by God and to those dreams, abilities were given to facilitate it.

Peace of mind is not an easy thing to achieve without first finding oneself. Take a moment and evaluate yourself, not by the things you have done or have not done, but by the things that make you feel special and unique. Examine your abilities, your talents and your goals in life and see if there is alignment between them. When you find the things that make you feel special, you will find that inner joy that brings peace of mind.

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