The Power of Yellow…Yellow roses

At the sight of you, I can’t help but smile even in low moments.Your color is  so bright and I can’t afford to ignore you. My heart melts as you lighten my mood with your warmth. You are the little secret to quick forgiveness and peace even when the apology is not sincere because you cheer-up the mind.

When the mood is sour and the heart is heavy, a bouquet of yellow roses will do the magic.

When the mind is in regret and the heart in sincere remorse, a gift of yellow roses and a note of apology will surly earn you forgiveness.

When  lady can’t feel the swag, an outfit of bright yellow will do the trick. It’s charms… so strong that even your confidence will resurface.

Ah! Such is the power of yellow. No one can resist its charms nor can anyone withstand its strength.




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  1. What a great piece. I love the “quick forgiveness and peace even when the apology is not sincere” — because it cheers you. Been there; done that; You’ve expressed it beautifully.

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