Your Attitude is Everything

Attitude has a powerful influence over our lives and it could be positive or negative. Negative attitude is a common thing we all struggle with at one point or the other. I remember the times when I was snobbish, rude and arrogant to mention a few. With such negative attitude so many areas of my life were burdened.  It made me overly critical, judgmental and negative. I found myself holding on tight to opinions so much that it stopped me from trying new ideas or even thinking well of others. Overall, it kept me down. It was like holding tight to a piece of cloth and eventually losing it to decay. But there came a time in my life when I realized my attitude was a big problem to my growth and happiness and I had to let go.

Life is interesting in the way it shapes us. It took a series of trials to put me on the positive side of attitude and I saw how much difference it made in my life.

A person with an attitude problem always has an inner battle he/she is fighting. In some people,  it’s the fear of the unknown and the zeal to stay protected and in control. Others it is just a matter of low self esteem, anger, resentment etc. But whatever the case, it is important to note that with a negative attitude, you hurt no one else but yourself. That is because you find yourself always preparing for a fight with others, or engaging in useless arguments just to protect your opinion.  You spend quality time and energy waiting to attack people. The time which you should have used in coming up with great initiatives or making huge steps towards achieving your goal, you waste on behaviors that add no value to your life.

Life is a lot better when you live freely without fear, trusting in God for everything. Such is the only way to remain confident and in the right frame of mind that will foster the right behaviors towards others. The bottom line is to treat people as you will want others to treat you. This is a lesson I have learned and though it is not always easy, it is worth the effort.

There is wisdom in dealing with people fairly in our actions, words and thoughts.  If you are arrogant and snobbish towards others, or wish people ill, you will definitely pay for it in one way or the other. Karma is always waiting to strike. If you don’t get it in the exact terms, you will get something similar or even worse.  It is for such reasons that we should make it a habit of forgiving others so that we too can be forgiven. Sometimes all it takes is a sincere prayer asking God to forgive all your bad behaviors, words and thoughts towards others so as to save you from karma. What goes around will always come around unless you dissolve it.

With a mind of purpose, looking forward to the success of each day, it is wise maintain a positive attitude. Hold your opinion lightly and give a listening ear to others because no one person knows it all. Pick up what is good from what you hear and add to what you have because such is growth. The people we meet in our path are there for a reason. Thus rather than fight them and wish there were not there, see them as teachers and look at what they have to offer, still trusting God for discernment  to pick up just the right stuff. Remember to every good stuff made of God, there is a counterfeit made of the devil. In other words, not everything that looks good is actually good so always pray for wisdom in dealing with people.

Don’t be your own enemy. Let go of the attitude issues for your own good. You cannot build a positive mind with a dark heart. You can’t visualize your own growth and success when your heart sees the down fall of others. Don’t let your attitude hold you down.

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  1. I could not agree more. Attitude is so important to happiness. And also letting go. That great phrase “let go and let God” is a big help in maintaining a positive attitude for me. Thanks for this post it lifted my spirits today.

    • Quite true. Attitude is like the brick used to build a house. A solid brick is sure to build a firm house and a poorly made one, a weak house that can’t resist the smallest of storms. Thank you for stopping by

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