The Power of your Visualization…

Visualization is purposeful and constructive day dreaming. Your visualizations can influence your future and even your experiences in life. It is a success tool used by almost all the successful people recorded in history and today. Imagine the inventors of cars, planes, skyscrapers etc and you  would notice that the potential of the people and the complexity of their desires, were more than just a mere wish wouldn’t suffice in getting one to where they want to be.


Wishes are cheap, anyone can make them. The hassle lies in their accomplishment. The big question remains; how to get from dreaming to actualizing? And the answer lies in the power house of the MIND (ones thoughts, believes, opinions, concerns, fears etc). Without the right mental attitude, ones efforts cannot be effectively directed towards success. There is a process to every accomplishment; to grow muscles, you exercises. To harvest crops, you plant. To accomplish great things, you must visualize them.

Why you should visualize

It is said “what we think about, we bring about”. Our thoughts become words, our words become action and our actions determine our outcomes. Today’s experiences were determined by yesterdays thought process. And tomorrows depend on how you thinks and act today. That’s why visualization is very important as one strives towards success because one cannot create what they cannot first imagine. Nothing good is born of spontaneity only chaos. Creativity on the other hand is intentional and must be consciously and/or subconsciously initiated. Success is not an accident. To achieve success in your endeavours requires supplying your mind with the right content in the form of clear desires.

How to train your mind to profitable visualization

Be Clear and Consistent: To create a lasting mental impression, visualization must be a constant periodic supply of the right virtual image of your desires in order to spur the mind into action and to keep it constantly engaged.Clarity and consistency engrossed with the conviction that ones goals are feasible and subsequently attainable maintains the mental energy required for creativity.  Your dreams are only as real as you think of them. The mind cannot distinguish physical experience with virtual reality if both are of equal intensity. If you tell a lie long enough you might soon start to believe your own lie. So visualize your goals exactly as you want to see them when they are fully realized, think of the sounds and colours, visualize your emotional state when everything finally happens and let the beauty of such thoughts feel your mind.


Bring your emotions to play: Every strong feeling is associated with an emotional response. We fight with emotion, we laugh with emotion. If used rightly, emotions can lead people to their goals. We run fastest when we are scared, we scream loudest in pain and we love most when happy. Every action is connected to an emotional state of equal magnitude; resting calmly, jumping excitedly, clapping cheerfully. So determine the emotional state most related to your goals and attempt to mentally recreate that experience. It helps if one can remember the last time they felt a particular emotion and recall that experience to memory.

Enjoy the experience/feelings generated by your mind:

Emotionally elevate your desires and your creative energy will assemble the elements that are necessary for the physical manifestation of that mental experience. Don’t give much thought to the things you don’t want, else you might create your nightmares instead of your desires. So start taking full advantage of what lies before such as your mind. It’s when people make use of the things they have that they start to encounter by accident or design the things they lack. So start dreaming/visualizing, imagine possibilities, let your desires soar and unleash your creative potential




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