Yummy African Breakfast ideas that Shut Down Cravings

In a typical African society, breakfast is a smaller version of lunch in the sense that it is heavy, though not as heavy as lunch. Unlike some parts of the world, where breakfast is light, giving room for snacking before lunch, a typical African breakfast is very filling reduces cravings before lunch. What is interesting about the African breakfast is that it can serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

With these ideas, you can go through your day’s activities without a craving.

Pap and akara;

This is a common west African breakfast, very delicious and very tasty. Pap is locally made custard, from fermented corn/maize. The paste from ground fermented corn is cooked in boiled water and served hot. Akara on the other hand is made from ground peeled beans and deep fried.

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Puff puff and pap

Pap is the all round accompaniment to most African breakfast.  Puff puff is a typical west African food made from all purpose flour and deep fried.

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Fried plantain and eggs

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Avocado/tomatoes salad and bread

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Bread and Beans:

This is a common road side breakfast, sold by fast food trucks and cafeterias. It is stewed beans spread in bread. this is very common in the French speaking Africa.

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The above mentioned are common in the urban areas while in the rural areas, breakfast is mostly the left over meal from the previous day. In some cases families cook their main meal early in the mornings and they eat it through out the day in different portions.




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